Miitomo madness!

Okay I'll admit it, at first I didn't really care about miitomo being a thing, in fact I wasn't even going to get it, that is until my friend texted me one night saying he was so I though what the hell... One of my best decisions ever! @-@ it's a pretty simple concept, you just link your Twitter/Facebook account and have at it! This is a fun way to stay connected to online pals and in a sense, almost like hanging out together for real! Your Mii will ask random questions and then they will be posted for dicussion~ you may be surprised to hear that some of the questions can get really deep! Like asking what you regret most or what your goals are.

The most fun thing about this app though is that you get to dress up your Mii however you want~ it's pretty much like tomodotchi life but only better and free XD;; I love getting to do little photo shoots! I never get tired of making some XD

So if any one of you guys have a smart phone, I say go for it! I recommend it!
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Yes! My first post here!

Hi everyone! It is I, Classy Persian! Just decided to make another account for this comm because mine is almost at its storage limit :/ but enough of that, today I'm talking about Zelda!

I really enjoy the series, something about the mix of puzzle solving and adventuring really does it for me, and of course, the soundtrack too, I think it's safe to say Zelda will always have the best video game music, at least in my opinion. My favorite is Twilight Princess, but I really enjoyed Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3ds too. :) Skyward Sword did an excellent job explaining the origins of the game, but what of the loftwings? What happened to those guys over time? Did they evolve into the occoa over time or did they die out all together? 🤔 Another question that to this day gets me is did Link and Zelda form a romantic relationship over time after the game ends? I mean it would make sense for them to be the first king and queen since they obviously founded Hyrule... Ohh and what drove me insane through the whole course of the game was when Link and Zelda were flying together, she was about to ask him something while blushing, uuuugh I just KNOW she had feelings for him there! I wish the game would allow some romance in the game. :/

Sorry for the ramble, the main point of this post is to show off my Zelda things :)


I was sooo pumped when I heard wolf link was getting an amiibo!! I love how detailed it is! And to you know, FINALLY have something Midna! ^^ I'm very curious to see how this will work with the upcoming Zelda wiiu game...

I got really lucky with these guys, got them both on 4 tries total, not bad right?

Everything you see here is from majora1990 thanks so much again, again!! XDD that case is GLORIOUS!

This is probably one of my favorites in my mini collection, I found this for only $25!! The hype through my mind when I finally saw anime Link... Well, it was awesome!

And finally, what fan could be without Hyrule Historia? I took a pic of my favorite part, the short manga they published, I wish it was longer though. :(